Aged Code studio was founded with the idea of developing games for the Amiga. Our first title is AQUABYSS, which has just been released. The studio invited other artists to create this game with the aim of delivering quality at least on par with the high-end games in Amiga's heyday. Judging by the reaction and comments, we are confident that we have achieved this. But it's not over yet. AQUABYSS is an open-world game, and as long as there is interest in it, we will continue to develop this title with the help of the community. A second game titled Software Manager Deluxe is also in the studio's workshop.


    Our team at the Amiga37 event in Mönchengladbach, Germany. From left: Piotr Kozacki, Maria Kuchno, Piotr Kuchno, Marc Schmidt and Kamil Pabijan.
    Unfortunately, not everyone was able to go there and thus the photo does not include the other AQUABYSS developers — Richard Fhager (pixel artist), Ioannis Tsakiris (pixel artist), Kevin Saunders (pixel artist), Ariel Iacci (illustrator), and Roald Strauss (musician).