AQUABYSS is a new sandbox game for the Amiga computer.

After seven years of intensive development, the game was released on October 15, 2022, at the Amiga37 event in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

In AQUABYSS you may continue the protagonist's adventures from the graphic novel or choose your own path and navigate the open, vast underwater depths. Naturally, in both modes, you may trade, explore and discover new cities, upgrade your submarine, acquire new ones, develop your character, have dialogues with NPCs, complete quests, mine resources from the ocean floor, face or avoid the dangers lurking in the depths, compare your achievements with other players, or finally meet them online in the chat. This is just a foretaste of what awaits you in the underwater world of AQUABYSS!

Press reviews:

"The time and effort put into developing this game just pours out. The storyline and accompanying strip that provide the backdrop are extremely professional in their own right, and this level has carried forward into the game. We often see new games coming out for the Amiga which lack depth, but this one is like the Mariana Trench! You will need to shut out the world and fully immerse yourself into this in order to get the best experience, but it will be very rewarding. Graphically extremely pleasing and sonically adequate, it's a thoroughly enjoyable ride that will take some time to finish. But even when you complete the story, there is an expansive world to navigate and explore".

ZZAP! Amiga (Issue 9)

"The ambition of AQUABYSS is truly mind boggling — the world is vast and although the game is fully released, it's constantly being developed and worked on. Updates are released frequently (not just bug fixes, but new features and content too), sometimes multiple times in a week, so it's well worth getting your Amiga online if you haven't already. The scope of  the game is set to keep growing with the online features potentially expanding, which could be very exciting."

Amiga Addict (Issue 19)