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    You are buying a digital version of the game AQUABYSS, which has an open status. What does this mean? It means that the game is and will be developed all the time, new content will be added, bugs will be corrected, and it is also possible that something will be removed. The future of the game, its content, will depend on the community of players. You too can have impact on it, dear Amiga fan. We hope that such a model suits you and you are willing to support the studio by buying the game so that we can continue to work with passion on this unique title.

    Please, also consider supporting the game development with a donation. We never stop working and delivering new things, all for your enjoyment! :) You can do this by adding the product named "Support for the game development" to your cart. We thank you in advance immensely!

    The minimum hardware required to run the game is an Amiga 68000, 2 MB Chip, 8 MB Fast RAM, and 15 MB of free hard drive space. However, we do not recommend playing it on a 68000 CPU. Unless you have a great deal of patience and are desperate. But remember, you have been warned! ;)
Due to the uneven parts of the game, such as the city, where the processor doesn't play a particularly big role, and the sea, where a lot of heavy calculations are performed, we recommend a 68020 28 MHz as a minimum. Nevertheless, if your precious computer is equipped with a 68030 50 MHz or faster (ideally), your experience will be much more enjoyable, as the game uses every MIPS calculated by the CPU.